Counter-Strike: Source Academy

Dev. Console.mp3

In Counter-Strike: Source, it is possible to access an in-game developer console by pressing the ~ button which is usually located directly below the "Esc" button on a keyboard.  However, this button will only open the console if you have your in-game developer console enabled.  To enable/disable your in-game developer console, go in-game, click on options, click on the keyboard tab, then click on advanced, then tick/untick

"Enable developer console (~)"

in order to . . . well, do just that.


Once that has been ticked, you can go into a server, or just stay at the menu, and press the ~ button, and the developer console should appear.

Here are some useful commands which you can type into your console to achieve the desired effect.  Please note that these commands are to be used in your personal server only and that online use of these is against the rules of Steam, and is in direct opposition to the creed of this Academy.  Any and all members who have been accused of hacking are subject to investigation and, if deemed necessary, removal from the group.  We will also see to it that all cheaters are VAC-banned.

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