Counter-Strike: Source Academy

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Skill is Relative

 Skill = Practice + Time, therefore, a "noob" is simply a "new player", whereas a "pro" is an "experienced player". Remember: every pro was once a noob, and every noob, with time and practice, will become a pro. As long as everyone plays by the rules, everyone is equal; in that each player has the skill level that correlates with the amount of time and practice that he/she puts into it.


The only players who are losers . . . are those who give themselves an unfair advantage. This may manifest itself in many different ways, however, the most common and most looked-down-upon way is "hacking". (using cheats, codes, glitches, scripts, bots, or some other form of computer manipulation in order to win unfairly)  This completely imbalances the game, making any outcome meaningless.


In conclusion: "Everyone who plays fair is a winner, and everyone who does not, is a loser."


So, our motto is:


It is not about getting good.

It is about getting better.

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