Counter-Strike: Source Academy

Honors Hall.mp3

On behalf of every one involved with the CS: S Academy, I would like to thank the following individuals by name (codename):



For providing the majority of the amazing music you hear on this site.



For making so many detailed and helpful tutorials about Source SDK.



For making a very detailed tutorial for b-hopping.



For teaching me to knife.  This in turn gave me the ability to write the tips in the knifing section.



For making several of our site's pictures.


izacktheyack: NA'skb

For helping boost our membership and offering the use of any of his many computer skills.



For making many of the most iconic bhop maps in the world of CS:S.



For making the pro-training playlist which we use to teach both noobs and advanced players alike.



For giving me some useful ideas for the site.


And of course the makers of CS: S!  Without whom we wouldn't have any of this.

Counter-Strike: Source Forever!!!

Special Thanks.mp3

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